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    How We Work

    As a comprehensive wealth management firm with a fiduciary duty, our focus is on making you successful in the real world of unpredictable markets, low interest rates, rising health care costs and rising taxes.

    Our Financial Planning Process

    Financial planning--especially for retirement-- is a process, not a document.

    We work in three phases:

    • Discovery
    • Education and Illustration
    • Implementation

    We know that trust is earned, and we like to listen more than we talk. Because your goal is a worry-free retirement, we work to identify both the strengths and weaknesses of your current plan with a financial "MRI."

    After an initial discovery session where we get to know each other, we will then make recommendations for allocation.

    Typically, becoming a client at IQ Wealth involves three meetings. There is never any sales pressure.


    There is no charge for an initial consultation and mutually agreed-to follow-up meetings.

    To schedule a meeting, please contact Barb at (480) 902-3333 or via email: Barb@IQWealth.com.

    Our Fees and Compensation

    Our firm has two divisions and each is handled differently. Securities (stocks, ETFs) are fee-based, while insurance products (annuities and life insurance) do not incur an advisory fee to the client.  We are compensated as independent agency by the insurance company that is selected. No deduction comes out of your account. 100% of your money goes to work on day one.

    Fee-based Investment Management

    All investment assets are held in custody at Fidelity Institutional or TD Ameritrade.

    Our firm works as a fiduciary and does not accept commissions on securities. Our fee base is .95 percent on investments managed "in-house" and  1.5 percent annually on portfolios managed by third party RIAs ( Brookstone Capital ($2 billion under management) and Global Financial Private Capital, $5 billion under management)

    Annuities and Life Insurance 

    There are no fees to the client. Ours is an independent insurance agency. Our compensation is paid by each insurance company we work with -- there are no deductions from your account. We provide ongoing account servicing, communication, periodic reviews and client meetings at no charge for our investment and insurance clients.

    Professional Financial Planning 

    We provide a professional financial plan with a CFP or CPA at our expense for clients who place a minimum of $200,000 with our firm in insurance products, or $400,000 in managed investments. We do not receive commissions on any managed investments.

    Tax planning and preparation

    We can work with your tax preparer or make the appropriate referral. CPA Nick Stefaniak provides preferred pricing for our clients on business and personal returns. Mr. Stefaniak is an independent CPA and not an employee of IQ Wealth Management. There is no charge for an initial review or your current or past year's return.

    Estate Planning, Trusts, Wills,  and Legal Document  Preparation

    We can work with your attorney or make the appropriate referral. Estate planning attorney Richard Dwornik, MBA, JD,  provides preferred pricing for our clients on all estate planning needs. Mr. Dwornik is an independent attorney and not an employee of IQ Wealth Management.


    The IQ Objective for Our Clients:
    Plan. Invest.  Insure. Retire.  Stay Retired.

    We believe our team approach to building a comprehensive plan can help you simplify your life and approach retirement with more confidence.


    While our firm, advisors and strategic partners may be members of organizations or may appear on a media outlet periodically, no endorsement is accepted or implied. We encourage and require that clients and prospective clients make financial decisions based on the merits of each individual aspect of direct and personal advice and the offering, not on other factors.  Only upon a personal and in-depth review can we discover what recommendations are suitable for you.


    Annuities are insurance-based financial vehicles designed not for growth but for income preservation and sustainability. Annuities are not FDIC insured and may have surrender charges for a period of time. Generally, a partial withdrawal of 5 to 10 percent is allowed annually, penalty free. The annuities we recommend waive all surrender charges upon death. All guarantees rely on the financial strength and claims paying ability of the issuing insurer. At IQ Wealth, our policy is to require at least 100 years of successful track records and strong ratings for any insurance company we recommend.

    Income riders are a means to enhance the income benefits provided by the underlying annuity contract. A discussion regarding whether an annuity would meet your needs and objectives should take place, before deciding if an income rider is appropriate.

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