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    "Today Not Tomorrow, Together Not Alone"

    A Team of Dedicated Independent Professionals

    • Steve Jurich, CIS™, CAS®, Founder
    • INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT PARTNERS:  AE Wealth Management / Sterling Capital Management; Global Financial Private Capital, Brookstone Capital Management
    • Dorothy Calrow, CFP®
    • Barbara Jurich, B.A.
    • Nicholas Stefaniak, CPA®, MTAX
    • Richard Dwornik, M.B.A.,  Attorney at Law
    • Todd Simmons, CPA®
    • Steven R. Jurich, B.A.

    Steve Jurich, CIS™, CAS®
    Retirement  Strategist / Wealth Manager

    Steve Jurich is an experienced well-known advisor who is focused on building successfully funded retirements for his growing list of clients. His clients include engineers, teachers, medical professionals, business owners, government workers, accountants, attorneys, and business owners.

    Experience and Qualifications

    • More than twenty years experience assisting clients with the biggest financial decisions in their lives, from real estate to 401k rollovers
    • His comments have been seen on Bloomberg.com, MarketWatch, and TheStreet.com.
    • Author of "Smart Is the New Rich," an Amazon best-seller in three categories, outlining a more predictable and stress-free approach to retirement funding and financial independence.
    • Host of "Mastering Money" on Money Radio. Steve has made more than 500 radio appearances in his career and never forgets that communication is about the listener, not the speaker.
    • "Mastering Money" is a daily, not weekly, radio show. Steve believes his daily focus on financial trends and events helps him stay abreast of key issues when giving guidance to his clients.
    • More than 20 years’ experience helping individuals, families and businesses achieve their money goals through the use of investments and insurance.
    • Conceived, originated, and developed the IQ WEALTH BLACK DIAMOND DIVIDEND™ Strategy.
    • Contributing author to Kiplinger Online

    Steve coordinates retirement, financial, and estate plans as the lead advisor--with the support and input of the following professionals:

    Dorothy Calrow, CFP®,
    Financial Planning Professional

    Dorothy Calrow is a Certified Financial Planning Practitioner™ with more than ten years of planning experience and a strong background in helping families and individuals clarify, define, and implement strategies for achieving their financial goals.  Dorothy is a busy professional who also finds time to raise her beautiful family. She assists Steve Jurich with professional financial plans and provides consulting to the entire IQ Wealth Team.


    IQ Wealth Management partners with recognized third party investment managers to further the interests of our clients.

    Sterling Capital Management

    Founded in 1970, Sterling Capital (click)  is a group of 130 seasoned investment and client service professionals who manage $54 Billion (as of 09/30/2016). Sterling is an independently operated subsidiary of BB&T Corporation—one of the largest and most respected financial services institutions in the country.

    Global Financial Private Capital

    Global Financial Private Capital is a leading institutional money manager with more than $5 billion under management, recognized as a Forbes 50 RIA.  CIO Christian Bertelsen (CLICK HERE FOR FOX NEWS INTERVIEW) heads an 8 member team in the supervision of growth, income, and value portfolios. The firm also provides IQ Wealth with Morningstar analysis and financial planning support from a team of Certified Financial Planner™ professionals.



    Barbara Jurich
    Co-Founder / Operations Manager / Client Relations

    Barbara Jurich is a graduate of Southern Methodist University, where she graduated with a bachelor's degree in physical education.

    She attended SMU on a swimming scholarship and had a successful athletic career that began in high school. She is a native of Arizona.

    Barbara is known for her exceptional organizational skills and is responsible, along with her staff,  for scheduling all appointments and maintaining the paperwork flow for the firm.

    She is co-owner and co-founder of IQ Wealth Management -- Insurance Division.


    Nicholas Stefaniak, CPA®

    Nicholas Stefaniak holds a master's degree in taxation and has over 20 years of tax preparation, tax analysis and financial application of tax strategies. He is skilled and highly proficient in both individual and business returns, including all entity forms: LLC, corporation (S & C corp) and trusts. Nick has been deeply involved in progressive levels of responsibility and judgment in the application of financial and tax knowledge for company growth, expansion, acquisitions and sales of small- to medium-sized companies.

    Core professional strengths in coordinating tax strategies relating to the following:

    • Financial planning
    • Estate planning
    • Business accounting and book keeping
    • Sale or purchase of new businesses
    • Defined benefit plans
    • Affordable tax and accounting fees, agreed in advance
    • Personal and confidential attention to your account
    • Complimentary tax review of previous year returns


    Master of Taxation degree, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ Bachelor of Science in accounting, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ


    Certified Public Accountant (CPA), state of Arizona.


    • Arizona Society of Certified Public Accountants, active member of local CPA Chapter Institute of Management Accountants, Montvale, New York
    • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, New York
    • New York Member of Tax Division
    • Past President of Phoenix Local Chapter Director of Education Programs


    • Management Accounting, Taxes: “C Corporations and Cash Method” and “ACE In the Hole.”
    • Management Accounting, Taxes:  “It’s all in the Timing.”

    Richard Dwornik, M.B.A.
    Attorney at Law

    Mr. Dwornik is an experienced estate planning attorney who assists IQ Wealth clients with estate advisory and estate planning services.He offers a free review for all IQ Wealth clients, along with special pricing on services.

    • Practicing attorney for 20 years.
    • Originally from Lincoln, Nebraska.
    • Graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in chemistry in 1986.
    • Earned a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) from the College of Business Administration at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1989.
    • Received a Juris Doctor (law degree) from the University of Nebraska College of Law in 1995.
    • Licensed in Federal and State Courts in both Arizona and Nebraska.
    • Past member of the Society of Financial Service Professionals, WealthCounsel, WealthCounsel Advisors Forum and the Central Arizona Estate Planning Council

    Todd Simmons, CPA®
    Taxation Professional

    Todd Simmons is an experienced and highly qualified tax professional who can help you sort your individual or business tax challenges. Todd has over 38 years of tax prep experience, and 33 years as a certified public accountant.

    Personal attention to your account

    Todd takes part in ongoing professional education to ensure his knowledge and skills are up-to-date. He has affordable accounting fees that he agrees to with clients in advance. He offers his tax planning and preparation in your home or office and offers assistance if you choose to prepare your own tax returns

    Steven R. Jurich
    Internet Technology, Advisor In Training

    Steven (“Steve”) is a graduate of Cal State Fullerton University, majoring in radio, TV and film, where he attended on a basketball scholarship.
    He was married in the summer of 2015.

    Steve manages website and internet technology while maintaining the integrity of website systems and communications. He was the developer of the financial website “MyAnnuityGuy” in 2011.

    After his collegiate basketball career, Steve become an NASM Certified Fitness Instructor. He has helped many of his clients achieve weight loss of 50 to 100 pounds, and coached them in learning healthier habits and lifestyles. We believe his skill in coaching people with their health will translate exceptionally well to financial coaching.

    Prior to graduating from Fullerton, Steve led the nation in rebounding at the NAIA level, playing for Hope International University, where he was named to the All Golden State Athletic Conference team. He was a Junior College all-American and holds the all-time rebounding record for Scottsdale Community College.  He, along with his team, led Desert Mountain High School to its first tournament win ever, on the way to winning the Arizona State Championship at the 5A level.*

    *The above "basketball bragging" is courtesy of Dad 🙂


    Our Company Is Built Around Our Clients

    IQ Wealth Management clients share in the realization that, by coordinating key financial decisions today, they can achieve their most important goals tomorrow.

    They are individuals and businesses who expect excellence and have a firm commitment to achieving it themselves. Our clients want to simplify their lives and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

    We understand that the best plan for you is one you’re comfortable with, one that feels right to you, and is well positioned to achieve measurable progress. We look forward to serving you.

    We maintain two clear and distinct divisions, integrated for our clients' needs.

    IQ Wealth Management provides qualified plan rollovers (IRA/401(k)/403(b)/457), cash-flow management, income planning with annuities and strategic use of "overfunded" life insurance. We focus on "big picture" financial planning that begins with the end in mind. Our multiple-discipline approach and networking with top professionals in accounting, law and real estate provides our clients with a clear edge over the typical "pie-chart" planner.

    IQ Wealth Advisory, LLC provides securities- and fee-based planning, including equities, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, variable annuities and energy investments (oil and natural gas programs with potential tax advantages)

    Financial and Estate Planning With YOU in Mind:

    Through the financial counseling process, we help our clients implement strategies matched to risk tolerance, income needs and family priorities.  We help our clients focus on where they are now, where they want to be and what steps need to be taken to get there. We believe that a part of our value as advisors lies in helping our clients prioritize rather than compromise.

    Clients may want a comprehensive re-make of their current or may simply want us to engineer certain aspects of their plan. Steve Jurich and his team have experience and practical skill in the following areas:

    Personal and individual

    • IRA, 401(k), 403(b), 457 plan rollovers, traditional and Roth
    • Investment portfolio management
    • Retirement income planning
    • Annuity comparison and application
    • Life insurance
    • Real estate acquisition (buyer assistance only)
    • REITs and alternatives to REITs
    • ETF and dividend stock portfolios
    • Low-cost variable annuities, with no surrender charges, professionally managed
    • Beneficiary updating on annuities and life insurance

    Business and medical practice retirement planning

    • Defined benefit plans
    • Profit sharing plans
    • Tax strategies
    • Business exit strategies / buy-sell agreements/Section 162 executive bonus plans
    • Tax-efficient estate and asset protection
    • A full line of life insurance — term, universal and whole life


    Investment securities and annuities are on opposite ends of the financial spectrum. We believe both can contribute to a well-balanced retirement portfolio. Each has its own benefits and limitations.  Therefore, we maintain two divisions: securities and insurance. Fee-based investment advisory services are provided by IQ Wealth Advisory, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor. Insurance and annuities are provided by IQ Wealth Management--Insurance Division. Annuities are insurance-based financial vehicles designed not for growth but for income preservation and sustainability. Annuities are not FDIC insured and may have surrender charges for a period of time. Generally, a partial withdrawal of 5 to 10 percent is allowed annually, penalty free. The annuities we recommend waive all surrender charges upon death. All guarantees rely on the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the issuing insurer. At IQ Wealth, our policy is to require at least 100 years of successful track records and strong ratings for any insurance company we recommend.

    Income riders are a means to enhance the income benefits provided by the underlying annuity contract. A discussion regarding whether an annuity would meet your needs and objectives should take place, before deciding if an income rider is appropriate.

    All written content on this site is for information purposes only.  Opinions expressed herein are solely those of IQ Wealth Management and our editorial staff.  Material presented is believed to be from reliable sources; however, we make no representations as to its accuracy or completeness.  All information and ideas should be discussed in detail with your individual advisor prior to implementation.  Fee-based financial planning and investment advisory services are offered by IQ Wealth Advisory, LLC  a Registered Investment Adviser in the state of Arizona. Our firm also utilizes third-party SEC registered investment managers when we believe it will benefit our clients.

    Referring professionals (accountants and attorneys) are not employees or direct affiliates of IQ Wealth; however, they typically provide special pricing for our clients and listeners.  Murray Titterington is an Investment Adviser Representative of IQ Wealth Advisory, LLC. IQ Wealth employees and principals do not render tax or legal advice. Referrals are provided as a courtesy to help our clients with their due diligence. No investment is required.

    Insurance products and services are a separately licensed activity offered through IQ Wealth Management. Steven Jurich is the founding principal and licensee of both companies. IQ Wealth Management is a registered DBA tradename for both licenses with the Department of Insurance and the Securities Division of the Arizona Corporation Commission.   The presence of this web site shall in no way be construed or interpreted as a solicitation to sell or offer to sell investment advisory services to any residents of any state other than the state of  Arizona or where otherwise legally permitted.  All references to locations outside of Arizona and all references to guarantees on income or death benefit  relate to  insurance services only. Guarantees rely on the claims-paying ability of the insurer.  Steve Jurich is a licensed life insurance and annuity agent authorized in multiple states, including Arizona (resident) and California. (License 0b85609). Licensing in itself does not infer a level of skill.  Because our portfolios often allocate a combination of securities and insurance based products, understand and inquire about the differences between investment securities and insurance products. Thank you.

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