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Archive for May 2017

3 Different Annuity Strategies

As part of your diverse portfolio, an annuity can help you accomplish financial goals such as saving for retirement or protecting your assets. Consider these three different annuity strategies. Fixed Deferred Annuity vs. Certificate of Deposit Both of these investments are considered low-risk. A CD is typically used for short-term accumulation of savings. A fixed deferred…

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Can Annuities Lose Money?

Every investment involves some level of risk and annuities are no different. An annuity is an insurance contract used to provide a source of income during your retirement. Depending on how your contract is structured, you might fund it with a one-time lump sum or with scheduled contributions over time. Fixed versus Variable If you are concerned…

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Annuities and Estate Planning

Annuities can play a part of your estate planning strategy. However, because they are a life insurance product, there are things you should know about their tax and inheritance implications. Joint Ownership Annuities With a jointly owned annuity, the phase you are in within the annuity will dictate what steps you should take in the event…

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Bad Reasons to Say No to Annuities

Annuities aren’t for everyone, but before deciding that one isn’t right for you, you should determine whether your reasons are of sound mind. Consider some bad reasons why some people decide to exclude annuities from their retirement planning. Facing Your Own Mortality The thought of annuities might make you upset because it forces you to consider…

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