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When You Should Take Social Security: 5 Myths, 5 Realities

Social security, as much as we might gripe about it, is still the financial foundation in retirement for well over 98% of all Americans, and probably YOU. For most people, retirement income planning begins with social security benefits as the main pillar….Which is why people worry about Social Security going broke! But should they really…

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How To Weather Any Financial Storm

Risk is in the air these days and it has most people re-thinking their investment mix. Not surprisingly, those who are closer to their retirement age–or already retired–are the most focused on risk. Those in their fifties, sixties, and seventies want to make sure their nest egg doesn’t fall apart at exactly the wrong time…

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When Bond Funds Officially Became A Risky Investment

Fixed income diversifies your portfolio. For decades, the synonym for fixed income in retirement was BONDS. Bonds have always been considered safe and secure. The more you had in bonds the more risk you could take with the balance of your investments. If your stocks were falling, you could always run to bonds. Today, running…

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Are you an investor, a speculator, or a saver at heart?

One choice you will have to make with your retirement money– if you are ever going to sleep well at night– is to determine if you are a long term value investor — or a market timing speculator. Let’s first define the difference between investing and speculating. An investment involves cash flow and return. Speculation…

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