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Are you an investor, a speculator, or a saver at heart?

One choice you will have to make with your retirement money– if you are ever going to sleep well at night– is to determine if you are a long term value investor — or a market timing speculator. Let’s first define the difference between investing and speculating. An investment involves cash flow and return. Speculation…

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Are You Making This D.U.M.B. Money Mistake?

With all the good news in the stock market and the economy (except for a hiccup here and there) it is easy to assume that we are sitting at a point in history that is ideal for the person about to retire. I take an entirely different viewpoint. I believe we have finally reached the…

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How To Predict Your Life Expectancy

When you are considering when to collect retirement benefits from Social Security or you are designing a financial plan to fund your full retirement, one important factor to take into account is how long you might live. A well conceived plan should include multiple, diversified streams of income with high reliability for the full duration…

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