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Build Your Financial Plan With Smart Bucketing

It’s hard to blame investors for trying to save on fees and expenses when they invest their hard earned money. After all, most of us have a natural desire to save money on just about everything we do. We were raised that way—a penny saved is still a penny earned. In fact, we still raise…

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How Variable Annuities Work–What You Need To Know

The unfortunate truth about variable annuities is that they have given the industry a “black eye” allowing annuity critics and “haters” (like Ken Fisher) to state that all annuities have “high fees.” This is false. Of the four main categories of annuities, only variable annuities deduct costs directly from your principal. Immediate, fixed, and fixed…

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Don’t let “FOMO” Ruin Your Retirement

In 2013 a new word was added to the Oxford English Dictionary. It is an acronym: FOMO, and it is now officially a word you can use to win a game of Scrabble. Fear of missing out… “FOMO”… is an increasingly powerful emotion in our daily lives according to psychologists, social scientists, and yes ….INVESTMENT…

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Do You Measure Stock Market Losses in Dollars, Or Percents?

Prior to retirement, investment mistakes and market losses are measured in percents rather than dollars. After retirement, that formula reverses. Retired investors stop thinking in terms of “percents” and start thinking in terms of dollars. On a million-dollar-portfolio, a year with a ten percent loss is no fun, but younger working investors may shuck it…

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Why dividend investing is not the same as gambling

After the 2008 crisis, investor confidence hit an all-time low. Low confidence led to more sell-offs and things looked grim until the summer of 2009. Finally, investors got their mojo back. That’s the reality of the market: until confidence returns, the market will stay down. When markets fall and stay down, many investors question their…

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When You Should Take Social Security: 5 Myths, 5 Realities

Social security, as much as we might gripe about it, is still the financial foundation in retirement for well over 98% of all Americans, and probably YOU. For most people, retirement income planning begins with social security benefits as the main pillar….Which is why people worry about Social Security going broke! But should they really…

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