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As heard Mon-Friday on Money Radio @ 8-9am & 11am, 1510 AM & 105.3 FM

Steve Jurich is a Certified Annuity Specialist® and Accredited Investment Fiduciary®

MEET STEVE JURICH-  Scottsdale Financial Planner, Kiplinger Contributor
As a financial professional and fiduciary, Steve Jurich  (pronounced Jur-itch) is dedicated to providing his clients with the professional and individual attention necessary to help them achieve their financial goals. With more than 21 years’ experience in the financial services industry, Steve works closely with his clients to help identify their financial needs and determine the best strategies to help meet their goals. Steve Jurich is the designer of the IQ Wealth Black Diamond Dividend Growth investment portfolio in Scottsdale. 


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Our goal is simple: help our clients live more enjoyable lives with less worry, using smarter financial planning.

Steve is Arizona’s ONLY financial advisor with a DAILY radio show dedicated to YOUR Retirement! MASTERING MONEY™ on Money Radio (PODCASTS, CLICK HERE), AM 1510, FM 105.3 8am-9am, or download the free Mastering Money App and listen anytime!

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Report by certified financial planner, Steve Jurich near Chandler, AZ
Steve Jurich has been featured in many publications because of his excellent work as a wealth manager in Mesa, AZ

Raise your Financial IQ

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How to Invest In Dividend Stocks

Learn more here about the IQ Wealth Black Diamond Dividend and Blue Diamond Dividend Growth Strategies.

Through the power of compounding, the objective with the Black Diamond Dividend Growth portfolio is to keep accumulating more shares for our clients with a professional and disciplined approach to investment management. Over time, dividend reinvestment can result in a doubling of the number of shares in the investor's portfolio.  Rather than placing faith in the whims of the market, the Black Diamond Dividend and Blue Diamond Dividend Growth Strategies are systematic and math-based. Fortunes can be built many ways, but steady dividend reinvestment has been shown to be an effective "get rich slow" approach to the market, when proper discipline and selection are maintained.

Today's crazy markets and low interest rates are leaving many folks wondering where and how to allocate their money.  Our goal is to provide the best investment manager in Scottsdale and the Metro Phoenix area.  We help people invest in dividends, the smart way. We provide dividend investment management for individuals throughout Arizona. We focus on the best dividend stocks  in America, in our view,  through a unique math-based screening process, where only a fraction of a percent of all available stocks qualify. Our clients come first, and we demand quality for them.

At IQ Wealth, we believe smarter planning is the key to a more trouble-free retirement. Our unique process, Smarter Bucketing™ helps our clients simplify and clarify  their finances.  Bucket planning is a common-sense system of allocating money according to its purpose. When each dollar in your portfolio has a job to do--and a timeline for getting it done--your financial plan is more clear and realistic.

Our team can help you build a financial plan that works in all financial climates-- rain or shine-- that can be designed to keep your retirement income far ahead of your expenses. Your risk tolerance, time horizon, and goals drive the plan.  Nothing is more important to us than the safety and security of your money while building a close and friendly relationship for the years ahead. Our mission is simple: it's all about YOU.

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